Printmaking (Minor)

About the Program: 

It is often desirable for students in areas such as art education and design to pursue a concentrated, but not all-encompassing, study of an art discipline outside of their major field. This widens the students’ perspective, increases their professional and job-related opportunities and enhances qualifications for those planning to pursue a graduate degree, as well as satisfies other personal interests. Many students do this now but receive no formal recognition of their work. This minor program in printmaking meets the needs of these students and recognizes their efforts and achievements.

Program Requirements: 

FAR101 Drawing I (3 cr.)
FAR220 Introductory Printmaking (3 cr.)
FAR331 Intermediate Printmaking I (3 cr.)
FAR332 Intermediate Printmaking II (3 cr.)
FAR335 Papermaking (3 cr)

(FAR230, 331, and 332 must cover work in at least two separate media)

Choose one:
FAR333 Advanced Printmaking (3 cr.)
FAR335 Papermaking (Course repeatable up to 9 hours)

Total required credit hours (18 cr.)

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